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What Kind of Lady Are You?

Sharing is Caring: for one week, recommend/share

  • Day One: A Song
  • Day Two: A Picture
  • Day Three: A book/ebook/fanfic/reading material
  • Day Four: A Site
  • Day Five: A Youtube Clip
  • Day Six: A quote
  • Day Seven: Whatever Tickles Your Fancy
A site or two

I really Enjoy the pure nerdtasticness that is XKCD

And my history/comic crush is on Kate Beaton, the genius behind HARK! A Vagrant

Randomly, some stranger offered to give me hand gun training today when I was at work. Got a business card, class times and everything...Unfortunately, the stranger wasn't Jack Harkness,  and I'm pretty sure the gun classes are not anything like the ones on Torchwood (i.e. sex in the gun range with Ianto), so I think I'll pass...